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Get Aesthetic Appeal with an Ornamental Iron Fence in Little Rock, AR

An ornamental iron fence with an ornamental gate in Little Rock, AR, adds an elegant touch to your property, but it isn’t the only purpose of these fences. Although they look fantastic, these fences offer optimal security, giving you confidence that your property is safe and secure. BS Fence and Repair proudly offers custom ornamental iron fences that will boost your property’s value, improve your curb appeal, and keep your home safe.

Dependable Installation

Installing an ornamental iron fence and ornamental gate in Little Rock, AR, requires expertise and attention to detail. Our experienced fencing professionals can help you install your new fence to ensure it holds up against the elements and looks fantastic surrounding your property. We aim to help you improve your home with the best fencing options available.

We’re Available for Maintenance and Repairs

Ornamental iron fences in Little Rock, AR, are highly durable and hold up well against anything Mother Nature can produce. However, without the proper care, your fence may not last as long without the appropriate care. Our experienced team provides all the maintenance and repair services required to keep your iron fencing in good condition for as long as possible. We guarantee that your fence will add value to your home for years.

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